$100 USD per month


BOOKING: You may use this awesome membership to schedule one 60-minute Phone or In-Person Appointment each month on any available Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. It is your responsibility to schedule your monthly appointment using the link you will be provided in your confirmation email.

Locked-In Monthly Appointment: You have the option to Lock-In a reoccurring appointment time on a Tuesday or Thursday of every month.

Cancelling your Membership: Your account will be set up to automatically withdraw on the same date every month as the original date of purchase. Please note, you may cancel your membership at any time; however, I will need a 15-day notice prior to your automatic withdrawal date to cancel without being charged again.

Example: If you purchased your membership on the 16th of the month, your monthly withdraw date is the 16th, so you will need to cancel by the 1st of any month to avoid being charged again, going forward.

NO REFUNDS or Carryovers: If for any reason you do not schedule an appointment (even if you forget) in any month during your membership, you forfeit that month's appointment. No refunds, no carry overs.

GIFTING your Appointment: If you want to "Gift" your appointment in any month of your membership to a family member or friend, you absolutely can! Just simply schedule the appointment for them via your booking link. DO NOT SHARE your booking link with anyone. Your booking link is for your use only.

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions about your membership, booking, or cancelling, you may email me anytime. However, you must reserve all Embody Love & Intuitive Reading, Coaching, Healing type questions for your 1:1 monthly session.


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Your Healing & Empowerment Membership!

- Let's work together 1:1 every month -

  • One 60-min Intuitive Reading, Coaching, and Karuna Reiki Phone Appointment
  • FREE access to the Embody Love Online Program throughout your active membership
  • Preferred scheduling: book as you go, or lock-in a reoccurring day/time for your monthly session
  • Option to GIFT any monthly appointment to family/friend
  • Automatic withdrawal for your monthly payment
  • SAVE every month & cancel anytime!

Please Note:  Thismembership is only available to 10 Clients at a time. Once the 10 slots are full, this membership offer will no longer be available. Snag your spot now! :)

What People Are Saying:

“I am so thankful for the positive changes in my life! Not only do I feel amazing, but I have been able to help so many other people. My days are no longer driven by fear. I’m able to connect with others on a whole new level. I can tell which people are also “healers/helpers” and connect with them easily. Feeling “this feeling “ is wonderful and realizing how many people can benefit from the changes and beautiful divine energy is amazing. I am truly humbled by this. I’m working very hard to stay grounded amidst the excitement and pure joy!”

- Elisa